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Welcome to the very first lesson where we will discuss the most powerful stock sessions, known as NY , ASIAN and London sessions. When we talk about timezone I want you to keep you tradingview timezone to New York (UTC-5).


The NYSE (New york stock exchange) opens at 9.30am and closes at 4pm. The London Stock Exchange opens at 3am and closes at 11.30 am , And for the Asian session we focus on 8pm to midnight. All these timezone are respective to NY time , so you need to check all time according to your time zone.


In the upcoming lessons, our target is to find 1 good trade setup with high risk to rewards in a day or two. We are not a moon boy who will draw trendline or will wait for any pattern to form on a chart , we will purely trade on only PA(price action) where we require zero indicator and zero pattern and all those thing . The main focus of this module will be to master scalp strategy in a 5–15–30 minute timeframe.

How I Look For High RR Setup?

It’s simple, our main focus will begin with the Asian session. Generally, the Asian session must be slow and consolidation type. If we see huge volatility in the Asian session, then we walk out. We won’t be trading that day, take off and enjoy the day with friends and family . If the Asian session satisfies us, then we will watch London open at 3am. This will give us some good insight and we can judge by PA that the upcoming New York session will be bearish or bullish and we will design our trade setup on the basis of the London. London will give us 1 good setup which we will design on the basis of PA in the Asian session or London itself . If we don’t find any good setup, then we wait for the New York session . In the New York session we watch for the NYSE to open at 9.30am, but if we see huge volatility around 7am, that means most of the trade part is done by London and we wont trade NY session as it would be very risky and unexpected, so we will take off that day .If we don’t see something unexpected around 7am, then NY session is a boon to trade. You will find an easy bread and butter setup in this session . All you need is to summarize Asian and London Session . If we follow all the above conditions properly, you will find tons of setup everyday in every market(bond , stocks , index )

This is the DAY 1 lesson and I expect you to make notes properly and keep revising them. Every week we will release one lesson and the total lesson will be around 4 and a few videos of live demonstrating the teaching given in this lesson . From Next lesson we will focus on entry and setup to trade


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